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Tubing and Casing supplies

Supply of OCTG Tubing, API 5CT Tubing

THO provides API 5CT OCTG tubing pipe with below range of Sizes
Tubing range of Sizes: 1.05”, 1.315”, 1.66”, 1.9”, 2 3/8”, 3 1/2” and 4 1/2”
Ends Type: EUE. Length of the Tubing in API 5CT Spec: R2, R3

OCTG Tubing dimensions and weight chart

Supply of Steel Casing Pipe API 5CT

THO offers a complete range of API 5CT steel casing and tubing pipe for kinds of demands in oil exploration and production.

THO supply API 5CT steel casing pipe in the below specifications and sizes

Standard: API 5CT
Grades: J55/K55, N80-1, N80Q.
Range of Sizes: 5 1/2” to 20”
Length: R2, R3
Ends Type: BTC (Buttress Thread Coupling)

Our Advantages

Sourcing from all the good API 5CT casing pipe manufacturers in China as per EGPC approved list, THO is working on providing high quality casing pipe with most competitive price. Especially for the the grades J55/K55, N80-1 and N80Q casing.

Steel Casing Pipe Dimensions and Weight Chart

Table E.23–Dimensions and masses for standard casing and for casing threaded with API round thread and buttress thread

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