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Our services

Our services

Rental Tools Service

THO take great pride in the diversity of downhole drilling products and services supplied to current, new and emerging global markets, to enhance the efficiencies and cost savings of our customers’ drilling programs.

If you are looking for drilling equipment and drill pipe rental service that will meet deadlines and deliver on time, you will find no better company to work with than THO.
Our tools can be used for both offshore and onshore oil & gas drilling, coal bed methane, carbon capture storage, water drilling and geothermal drilling operations.

THO offers a wide range of oilfield equipment rentals for standard and high profile drilling operations.
THO provides a large varied selection of drilling equipment that may be used in the Bottom Hole Assembly of the drill string which includes hydraulic and mechanical drilling jars, shock tools, string and near bit roller reamers, hole openers, stabilizers as well as a large variety of drilling subs, including the PBL circulating sub.

Cleaning Services

THO offers an extensive range of professional cleaning services to customers across the oil field We have a fantastic wealth of experience and a highly trained team of experienced staff to offer a first class service every time.
Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive services and deliver the best standards at all times.

Flowline Construction

THO is fully staffed with flowline and pipeline Engineers, who have involved in many installations, construction and maintenance services of oil field equipment such as flowline and pipeline construction/replacement, mechanical and leak repairs

Inspection Services-Tubular Inspection

THO Inspection Services was established to serve the oil companies by providing timely, high quality, cost effective Tubular Inspection Services. Tubular Inspection includes inspection of New and Used Oil Country Tubular Goods covering: Drill Pipes, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Casing, Tubing and Bottom Hole Assembly.

Inspection Services-Advanced

Nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques allow objects or materials to be examined without any residual damage. NDT provides cost-effective quality control and assurance, damage detection and risk mitigation at any stage of industrial production or service.

We can identify flaws or inclusions in pieces before costly machining or service is required. Our team provides qualified and certified experts with the capability to choose the right NDT method to solve the inspection or testing challenge that any industrial project might face. With our state-of-the-art inspection technologies, you will save overall maintenance costs, improve production quality and ensure safe, reliable operating processes.

Lifting Inspection

THO is highly equipped with Lifting engineers, Technical experts and all the Modern Equipment and Technologies which effectively takes part in wide range of Lifting Equipment inspection & certification which includes Type tests, Factory tests or Initial tests, Break tests, Periodic tests and also Load tests during installation and commissioning of Lifting Equipment.

Dropped Objects Prevention

THO conducts Drop Object surveys and supports the aims and objectives of the oilfield Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS). Dropped Object Surveys and Inspections are a key element of dropped object control and prevention management systems

Rope Access

Rope Access is normally utilized as an option in contrast to traditional access arrangements, for example Scaffolding, MEWPs etc.

Rope Access is likewise significant in circumstances where conventional access arrangements are not practical.

Rope access is swiftly becoming a preferred method of carrying out inspections, tests and maintenance in various industries across the globe.

Waste Management

THO offers waste services for oil field customers include cost-effective transportation, treatment and disposal of cuttings, NORM wastes, and other residuals handling. We also offer roustabout services and maintenance, excavation and cleaning services, pipeline construction from trenching to installation, storm water and erosion management, and seasonal services like snow removal, road maintenance, and periodic well monitoring.

Assistance in the management of liquid hazardous waste:
Waste identification sheets, sampling...
Removal and transport of liquid waste
Implementation of means adapted to the types of waste and their dangerousness: pumps, adapted tanks, etc.

THO Thread Protector

THO thread protector made from the finest plastic material.

THO offers to the customers all the types of the protector :





Sucker Rod

Drill Pipe


Drill Collar

General Supplies

THO supply everything companies and factories need to do their work to the fullest through the general supply services provided by our company, such as the supply of Valves, Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Subs, Tubing, Casing in addition to safety kits and PPE.

THO has the most efficient and ideal team to help his clients to develop the concepts and options of work in a manner that suits all the requirements.

Online Leak Sealing

THO is available 24/7 to stop your leak, usually within 72 hours and without impacting production with our comprehensive online leak sealing service.

We keep stocks of the most common leak sealing materials and have significant experience in providing a complete package that includes the following:

24/7 emergency response to provide technical support for any type of leak

Detailed surveys to assess the situation and advise how best to stop the leak

Engineering design and calculation packages for all leak sealing equipment

Fabrication of all clamp enclosures

Full repair of leak or replacement of faulty equipment during next planned maintenance outage

Complete installation service